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Prevent cavities and protect your child’s smile!

Sensitivity and toothache due to dental cavities could be terrifying for kids and toddlers.

Your child’s health is important, especially their oral health. Your child’s health may be at risk due to poor oral hygiene practices, which may lead to cavities and tooth decay. Cavities may occur due to the presence of food present in the oral cavity, due to inefficient brushing, and bacterial build-up. This buildup results in the production of acid that softens and damages the enamel and dentin and may lead to tooth decay. 

Kids are usually fond of sugary foods and drinks which contribute to cavities. Kids are at a higher risk of building cavities due to their inefficiency to brush effectively. Brushing is important not only for kids but equally important for toddlers. Primary teeth keep the jaw in shape and hold the space for adult teeth. It also plays a vital role in kids learning to chew, smile, eat, and talk. As per studies, 1 out of 10 kids of two years of age have one or more cavities. By the age of three, 28% of kids have one more cavity and this percentage rises to 50% by the age of 5.

Cavities may also occur in toddlers who sleep with a bottle which is known as baby bottle tooth decay. Moreover, sugar from juices, formula milk, and food stays on their teeth, and affects the enamel which may lead to tooth decay in babies. This results in discolored and eroded teeth; in severe cases, decayed teeth may need to be extracted. Dental decay in primary teeth may negatively affect adult teeth and may lead to long-term dental problems. 

Your child may also be at a greater risk of developing cavities if they:


  • Have continuous special health needs.
  • Have white or brown spots on their teeth.
  • Skip periodic visits to the dentist.

Your child may also be at risk of tooth decay if any of the parents are prone to dental diseases.

You can avoid cavities by:

  • Properly brushing at least twice a day after a meal.
  • Selecting an effective toothbrush for your kids that minimizes bacterial exposure and is able to clean the oral cavity properly.
  • Getting enough fluoride by using fluoride toothpaste or taking fluoride supplements as per your dentist`s advice.
  • Reducing the intake of sugary foods, including juices and candies.
  • Rinsing your mouth thoroughly after taking sugary foods or sugary medicine.
  • Educating kids about oral hygiene.

Health & Hygiene Ltd. has developed Protector® Antiviral & Antibacterial Toothbrushes. These are specially designed for kids and toddlers, keeping in view their sensitive enamel and need for extra protection. Protector® Toothbrushes protect against viruses, bacteria, and microbes. Microbes are killed upon contact with the toothbrush, thus helping maintain good oral hygiene.  

Protector® Toothbrushes have:

  • Extra soft DuPont Tynex® StaClean® Antimicrobial bristles that are gentle on teeth and gums and provide effective and hygienic brushing.
  • Antiviral & antibacterial head and handle for maximum protection, grip, and effective cleaning.
  • Antiviral & antimicrobial toothbrush covers that protect toothbrushes from external threats.