Protector® has incorporated d2p Antimicrobial Technology in its products. d2p is an innovative technology and is designed to prevent the development and growth of bacteria and microorganisms.
d2p is easily incorporated into any plastic, paint or coating to become an integral part of the finished product. d2p imparts a broad spectrum complete antimicrobial protection (antibacterial, antifungal, anti-algal protection, anti-mildew, anti-mould anti-yeast).

-Antibacterial Protection-Protection from bacteria (Gram +ve and Gram –ve) >99.99%
-Antifungal Protection-Protection from fungi, yeast, mould and mildew   >99.99%
-Anti-Algae Protection-Protection from algae   >99.99%


d2p masterbarch is added at
the manufacturing stage


Product containing d2p is
produced at the factory


Microorganisms land
on the product surface


d2p starts acting
against microorganisms


d2p attacks microorganisms cells,
disrupting their function and


99.99% reduction
of microorganisms

How the Technology Works

d2p enters the bacterial membrane and
cause damage and disruption to the
cellular wall before penetrating the cell

d2p is highly reactive with the cell enzymes and deactivates these
vital molecules


Interrupts the cell DNA
preventing replication
and cell formation

d2p conforms to following standards for its antimicrobial efficacy: 

       -Anti-fungal testing ISO 16869:2008, ASTM G21-09 and ASTM E 2180
       -Anti-bacterial testing ISO 22196:2011 and JIS Z 2801
       -Anti-algae testing  ASTM D 5589-09 and prEN WD algae


      -d2p is registered with US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)
      -d2p is in compliance with US FDA for food contact safety
      -Notified under the EU’s Regulation (BPR-EU-no. 528/2012)

d2p has been successfully tested against over 50 dangerous microorganisms including

E.coli  Salmonella Listeria
MRSA Candida Corynebacterium
Pseudomonas Klebsiella Aspergillus niger
Staphylococcus aureus Penicillium chrysogenum Enterobacter