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Hospital environment is highly contaminated and good hygiene is vital for the healthcare environment. Contaminated hospital environment contributes to the risk of transmission of pathogens which leads to the spread of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Viruses and microorganisms can be spread from person to person or through contaminated frequently touched objects & surfaces i.e., tabletops, door knobs, equipment, buttons, Patient bedcovers, food trays, waste bins, etc. Despite struggles to uphold good hand hygiene practices, isolation protocols, and cleaning of healthcare surfaces, HAIs has become one of the most serious patient safety concern and hurdle for healthcare setups. According to World Health Organization (WHO), HAIs are the “most frequent adverse event” in the delivery of healthcare worldwide.  HAIs not only cause about 10 million deaths per annum but according to an estimation annually it cost the global economy a huge amount which can reach up to $100 trillion by 2050.

Hospital surfaces, walls, floors, equipment, and water and air supply systems can easily be contaminated with viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. These microbes can survive on surfaces for surprisingly longer periods of time and can act as a permanent reservoir of cross-contamination.

Reducing the risk of infection is a top priority of hospitals. Healthcare providers actively seek ways to create obstacles against the spread of infectious diseases and a lot of money is spent for this purpose worldwide. The need for effective solutions is more essential after the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Protector® Antiviral & Antimicrobial Healthcare Products provide maximum protection against microbial buildup and spread through hospital surfaces.

Protector® Antiviral & Antimicrobial Healthcare Products provide protection against:

Viruses    Bacteria       Mould        Fungi      Yeast      Algae       Mildew

Protector® Healthcare Products are tested by Independent third-party- ISO 17025 certified labs and proved 99.99% efficacy against a number of bacteria and microorganisms in accordance with ISO 18184, ISO 21702, ISO 22196, and ASTM E 2180. Protector® Antiviral & Antimicrobial Products act as the first line of defence against harmful bacteria and disease-causing microorganisms. Protector® Products give hospitals, incoming patients and visitors a state of relief.

Health & Hygiene Ltd. has developed a complete range of Protector® Antiviral & Antimicrobial Products for healthcare facilities including:


Antiviral & Antimicrobial Disposable Products


Antiviral & Antimicrobial Building Infrastructure, Fixtures & Durables

Seamless Flooring

Antiviral & Antimicrobial Wall Paints, Coatings & Floorings