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Antibacterial Water Bottles

Microorganisms including bacteria and fungi grow best in warm, moist places and water bottles provide an excellent milieu for microbial growth. Bacteria are better able to form a colony if they have a place to cling to and water bottles provide perfect conditions by trapping moisture and providing a safe environment.

School water bottles are a major concern of microbial growth. School bottles can easily become contaminated with bacteria and microorganisms as kids keep water bottles on their desks, and carry them to the ground during break and playtime. Bacteria reside on the bottles from the environment and through their unwashed hands and multiply over time hence causing water to become contaminated with harmful bacteria. This microbial contamination is linked with waterborne diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, gastroenteritis, etc.

Protector® Antibacterial Water Bottles have 99.99% Antibacterial efficacy and provide long-lasting protection against bacteria hence keeping water safe.

Antibacterial Water Bottle

Antibacterial Water Bottle

Antibacterial Water Bottle