MRSA – A continuous and serious threat to Healthcare Facilities & Communities   Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is bacteria that
The waste produced in the process of healthcare activities contains a higher number of potential infections and injuries than any
Do you know you may get infected using your toothbrush? Oral health is critical and contributes to your body's health
- Coronavirus is more stable on plastic and stainless steel. - NIH study found that the Coronavirus survives for longer
Coronavirus can sustain on plastic surfaces for 2-3 days - Is your delivery boy following necessary recommendations to avoid Coronavirus
Your facemask is not protecting you completely; Viruses & Bacteria are still retained on its outer surface, causing a potential
Tooth bushing is vital for Oral Hygiene and good dental practices are imperative to keep teeth healthy and in fettle
An Effective Line of Defense against Viruses (Coronavirus), Bacteria & MicrobesFace masks are intended to be used by medical personnel,
Oral Diseases May Contribute To Various Systemic Diseases Dental health is critical and sympathetically contribute to your body health and
Healthcare waste mishandling issues are worldwide. Waste if not managed poorly can result in outbreak of infectious and noncommunicable diseases.