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Seamless Flooring

Floors of different facilities like hospitals, industries, offices, homes and educational institutes are directly prone to microbial infection through external air, contaminated shoes and other factors. Due to countless movements in such places microbes can easily grow and spread through floors despite cleaning and sanitation measures. Hence, contamination control is a wide challenge in such facilities.

Tiled or vinyl floors leave behind small gaps, cracks and crevices which can harbor microbes and act as a place for microbial build up and spread. Continuous use of harsh chemicals cause wearing of floors, providing more places and cracks to microbes for growth. Moreover, humans shed skin cells from diseased or infected persons may transmit infectious agents to floors that can further contaminate various surfaces and increase viral and microbial spread in facilities. Pharmaceutical and food industry facilities need compliance to strict standards and increased microbial count may wreak havoc to the industry. Therefore, it is vital for facilities like hospitals, pharmaceutical industries and food industries to have seamless floors which inhibit viral & microbial build up and spread.

Protector® Antiviral & Antimicrobial Seamless Flooring provide maximum protection against cross contamination by killing microbes that come in contact with it.

 Protector® Seamless Flooring provide protection against:

  ✓ Viruses    ✓ Bacteria      Mould      Fungi      Yeast       Algae      Mildew

 Protector® Antiviral & Antimicrobial Products are tested by Independent third party- ISO 17025 certified labs and proved 99.99% efficacy against a number of microorganisms in accordance with ISO 21702, ASTM E 2149, ISO 22196 and ASTM E 2180.

Protector® Antiviral & Antimicrobial Seamless Flooring