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Coronavirus is more stable on plastic and stainless steel.

NIH study found that the Coronavirus survives for longer up to 2-3 days on plastic and stainless-steel surfaces.

A study published in lancet reported Coronavirus to survive on plastic and stainless steel for even upto 7 days.

Fear is even spreading faster than the disastrous virus as COVID-19 has crashed the economies and killed millions worldwide. It’s not strange now to see people disinfecting commonly encountered surfaces.

Our various everyday products and surfaces are made of plastics or steel usually; that has been reported to retain Coronavirus for longest period of time.

Most commonly used products & surfaces that are unavoidable include plastic bags, food & product packaging, water bottles and containers, shopping trolleys & baskets, surfaces at public places & transport, light boards & switches etc. All these surfaces can act as potential source for coronavirus transmission. Moreover, chairs in waiting areas of hospitals & clinics are a major transmission point.

When an infected person touches any surface, it gets contaminated and the virus survives for days upon it. Every person encountering the contaminated surface becomes a carrier; spreading disease to hundreds and thousands of individuals within no time. The scale of transmission is quite larger as thousands of people visit public places daily.

What about transforming all these virus transmission points into protected surfaces with Protector Antimicrobial solutions. Protector Antimicrobial solution can be applied in each industry to provide safer & hygienic environment and restrict the transmission of coronavirus.

Currently used sterilization and disinfection procedures are temporary and only last for 2-3 hours. However, Protector Antimicrobial solutions provide permanent protection.

Potential applications & industries:

1. Food:  Packaging, food containers, cutting-boards etc.

2. Medical/Hygiene: PPEs including face masks, caps, coveralls, gloves; mattress covers, garbage bags, bins & containers, Hospital chairs & surfaces

3. Supermarkets: Packaging, Grocery bags, trolleys, baskets, product displays, escalators, cash counters etc.

4. Transportation: handrails, door handles, seats, walls etc. in cars, buses, trains etc.

5. Offices & homes: Workstations, switches, computer keyboards, credit cards, home appliances, pipes, water tanks etc.

6. Pharmaceuticals: Packaging, PPEs, Infrastructure & surfaces

Protector technology is easy to apply as inbuilt technology during manufacturing or as a surface coating.  Viruses, bacteria & microbes are killed upon contact with the surface, providing 99.99% protection to everyone who comes in contact with the product or surface.

Protector Antimicrobial solutions are tested and certified by independent third-party labs. The technology has been also tested against coronavirus and proved 99.99% efficacy.

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