Durable Products

Hospital environment is highly contaminated and contributes to the transmission of pathogens and development of health care associated infections. Despite best efforts that promote good hand hygiene practices, healthcare associated infections are the most common complication of hospital care. Surfaces and health care products can easily become contaminated with disease causing microorganisms. Pathogens can survive on these surfaces for surprisingly long periods of time and can act as a permanent reservoir.

Reducing the risk of infection is a major challenge in hospitals. Health care providers actively seek ways to create obstacles against the spread of infectious diseases. PROTECTOR antimicrobial health care products can considerably reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections by inhibiting the microbial growth on hospital surfaces, air and water supply systems.

Protector d2p antimicrobial technology is 99.99% effective against wide range of microbes and inhibits microbial growth and build up on hospital surfaces, structures and personal protective equipment. Consequently, provides maximum protection against hospital acquired infections and promotes healthy and hygienic hospital environment.

Durable Products


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